Software Development

- CDL delivers Software Development, Quality Assurance, Project Management, On-site Consultancy, Training, Deployment and Support Services.

-CDL has developed a High Availability Failover solution called LynData:

Taken from previous project experience, Lyndata is a database synchronisation tool which is designed to be used by ISV’s and IT departments to provide embedded failover for their own applications

•Supports multiple database formats

•Sync database data based on whole, table, object settings

•Can be configured within a failover script

•Can be used to provide external data for other non live uses (e.g. reporting)

Outsourced but On-shore

CDL Technology is uniquely placed to provide Global Project Support for our Customers. Whether you are a big organisation requiring a Technical presence in a new marketplace on the other side of the globe or a small Company that requires development Services without incurring the costs of a Full Time Development we can provide a solution and will be happy to work alongside In-house teams to help our Customer achieve their goals.

Complete Project Lifecycle

CDL is commited to getting on with the Job! We are happy to be part of the entire Development process and engage with the Project Stakeholders from the Requirements phase right through to Implementation and Support. Our team specialises in Hardware Integrations, Application and Web Development. we can develop in Microsoft platforms or Java or any web technology and our Rates are very competitive. Please call on +353 1700 7579 or

The Areas we work in

We Develop Software and Provide Support Services for the following Industries:


    • PSIM
    • Financial Services
    • Facilities Management
    • Renewable Energy
    • Hardware Integration
    • Network Management

Why use CDL as an Outsourcing option?

CDL Technology combines hardware and Software experience which is crucial for the System integration projects we deliver. With a combined team experience of over 20 years we cover a multitude of Development languages and Information technology Areas. We specialise in Application and Web Development in both Java and Microsoft Languages. Our team members have developed solutions in many areas of Technology including SMS Management Systems, Computer Visual and Robotics, Media Management, Animation, Verb and Language Recognition, Access Management, Alarm Monitoring, CCTV and Intercom Communication Systems. We also have Quality Assurance and Project Management Professionals with several years of Experience working on Enterprise level Software Projects.

Integrated Development

Customers have described our Development and Delivery as Timely, Efficient, Complete and most importantly Seamless. Our Project Deliveries and Consultancy work is often completed under the radar and clients will sometimes consider our team as their own. We interface directly with our customer’s Clients and our customers are willing to trust us in managing relationships on their behalf. We regularly host Requirements Workshop Sessions and User/Factory Acceptance Testing at our offices on behalf of our clients. We are happy to do this. Whatever helps our Clients deliver is good for our Business.

Competitive Consultancy

Consider the scenario; a company wins a contract to provide a bespoke application to a customer in the European Market. With no local resources, little ramp-up time and Milestone Deliverables fast approaching a solution is needed imminently. We can assist in managing, developing, implementing and supporting the EMEA side of their business as if they possess a European team. Whether the company is breaking into the EMEA region for the first time or just taking on new projects, we will assist in providing a "Complete Delivery Link" which will be competitively priced and deliver the technology required while assuring the Customers of our Client get the attention and Focus they have paid for.

Please call on +353 1700 7579 or email